I have written/worked for: 

Britain’s oldest alternative music magazine
A pro-drinking magazine
#1 music website as voted by The Independant
Jazz FM radio station
Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine
Local News Website in North London
Printed Local Newspaper in North London
We Are Wild
Music Reviews and Events
Boudoir Beauty Parlour
Beauty & Fashion Blog

I Have Designed/Worked With:



Writing I have worked for a variety of publications and across a plethora of media platforms. Most of my articles, radio and TV presenting material can be found here. But for other articles, please see the press section. I have a BA hons degree in journalism and have developed skills in writing, broadcast and research. My work can be described as quirky, elaborate and descriptive. I prefer to write more decadently than heavy loaded essays.

Design It feels like I’ve been studying art all my life because ever since I was a little girl, I drew. Throughout the years, I have partaken in courses and qualifications eventually leading to a degree in art and design. Whilst at college, I developed a flair for life drawing, fashion illustration and art research. I learned valuable skills including using Adobe programmes to modify my drawings. I use my powers for evil though as I love designing tattoos and have developed a personal style of vintage pin-up and montages. 

Creative Directing I worked as a freelance fashion stylist and have been employed at a few charity events offering advice and customisations. I have studied in courses of Fashion Journalism, Fashion Studies, Textiles and Fashion Design. Where my passion for making garments faltered, my love for research, mood boards and vintage grew. I believe that everyone should have their own style and not necessarily follow the trends. I have a qualification in photography too. I loved spending hours gathering images and re-working scenes into something really beautiful. I’m into travel, fashion and portrait photography but have also done some work for weddings and boudoir. I found that I preferred to set the brief but still take my own photos when needed.

 As a self-confessed website geek, I love building websites online and maintaining them. I have been doing this since a young age where I made websites for victual dolls. Now, I make not so childish websites. I have built and/or maintained a magazine site, a travel site, a beauty parlour site, many blogs and a medical site.

Branding I have helped build a number of brands up from website design, look and to their social media voice. I love giving character to a brands and stores, and often have done it on a probono basis due to my joy of watching an idea come to life.

Social Media I have worked for a number of companies/websites including Jazz FM, The Carouser, Boudoir Beauty Parlour and 247 Media. I establish the brand’s voice and look and apply it to their social media channels. In the past, I have gained companies, on average 1,000 + likes on Twitter and Instagram per month.