Carouser (Ka-rouz) v. definition: One who engages in boisterous, drunken merrymaking

The Carouser is a drinks magazine and website that celebrates the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, giving you an alternative guide to London.

The Carouser was born in 2013 as an anti-magazine. The lack of good information about booze, places to go in London with a strong focus on the music scene that the whole world loves. NME had become too commercial, Time Out took you to the most pretentious of bars and there was absolutely no magazines on what to drink.

The online magazine became fully established in May 2014 with a surge of articles (focussing on booze, bands, books, and more) that proved popular for those looking for an alternative guide to navigating the city. As the magazine quickly gained a large following on social media, I decided to pursue with this platform for rock n roll drinkers. Now, the magazine has gained a loyal following and lots of dedicated contributors that keep the magazine breathing and drinking. It is now an official company with its own big website and prints stocked in bars across London.

If you are interested in The Carouser featuring you or your product, you can get in touch through the contact page.

Winner of Best Design, Best Brand, Second Honorary Mention for Best Magazine and Best General Feature with Around The World In 18 Drinks, and First Honorary Mention for Best Multimedia in the London Met Magazine Awards 2014.

Our readers are the man who sits next to you at the bar, the woman who enjoys a whiskey after work, the guy with a passion for beer fueled festivals and the lady who can handle 10 shots without smudging her make-up. We are The Carousers.