What Is Social Media Management?

I currently maintain and manage social media accounts for clients. This involves posting content, engaging with followers and general maintenance of the accounts. 

Why Is It Necessary?

Having a strong social media presence can make you a leading expert in your field, attract the customers that you want and interact with the people that you want. You can attract people you wouldn’t have otherwise reached. It can position as a leader in your field and be a recognisable brand that people remember.

Why Hire You?

I live, breathe, sleep social media. I keep up with the latest trends and apply it to the accounts I manage. I combine my love of photography and graphics to curate an interesting feed. I have previously quadrupled followers in just one month and have brought in new custom for my clients. You can check my own instagram here.

Are you ready to make your brand stand out online?

Sharna Midwinter is a freelance hairdresser that wanted to attract more clients. So starting afresh we created a new instagram account together and in less than a month, we built a new community of clients.
Instagram: @MidwinterHair

    Dr Ayesha Docrat owns a medical aesthetic clinic in Shoreditch, we have worked together on building her brand on instagram and through a website redesign. She now boasts of 10k+ followers with a high engagement. 
    Instagram: @BoudoirMedical

    If you’re interested see all my social media services here.


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