How To Photograph Fashion

Good style lasts forever. So why not photograph it?

If you want to launch a fashion blog, become a fashion photographer or just collect images of great style, there’s a number of ways to capture great style. Getting the perfect shot of an outfit can boost sales of the items, look professional and of course flatter the model. I like to call it wearable art.

The Flat Lay

Choose a decent background that reflects your style. I’ve found that light airy backgrounds work best for flat lay photography. Also don’t forget about the rule of thirds and keep it all neatly squared and sectioned. Whether you’re going for a “beautiful mess” or perfect symmetry, you can play around until you get the look you want. I would always lay the clothes in a diagonal strip across the photo.

The cliché thing would be to add flowers or coffee, but don’t hesitate to use things that align more with your own brand, like a glass of whiskey or a cuddly toy.

On Location

It may take a while to find the perfect location but unless you have your own home studio, it is essential. Plus, I think it’s often quite fun to explore areas and use the world as your backdrop. When picking a location, find somewhere that reflects the style you want to achieve. If you’re going for a vintage look then a graffitied wall might not cut it. Also think about timing. You might want a morning shot or moody shot at dusk. The time of day can change everything.


The pose can really change how the outfit looks. It’s better to pre-plan the poses and gather some images of the shapes you want to create. Generally if you position the body to the side, it’s more flattering and if you stand on tip toes like you have “invisible high heels” this elongates the legs. But to truly get the look you want, practise in a mirror and see what works for you or your model. It always helps when you have an experienced model as they will already know the best ways in which to pose.


Are you ready for your close up?

While the OOTD shot may be beautiful, it’s always great to mix it up a bit and take some close ups. The shoes, the handbag or even the torso. This gives you a range of photos that show off the most important part – the fashion. Plus, when compiled together, they look extremely magazine worthy.


I hope you enjoyed my top tips for photographing fashion. If there was something you want me to go more in depth on or something else entirely, let me know in the comments below.



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